Aurora Kitchen

It was a Saturday night and I was in Newcastle. I’d been to the gym that afternoon and I wanted to look after myself that weekend and eat healthy. Where could I go? I decided on Aurora Kitchen, adjacent to St James Park. It’s a great spot and an ideal location for passers-by and students who live in the area. Aurora prides itself on healthy living and states ‘You’re able to eat out and enjoy yourself with something that compliments your physique rather than being forced to plan your day or week around a cheat meal. Our approach makes sticking to your diet both easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re low carb or high carb, focusing on fat loss or fuelling for performance, gluten free or veggie, we’ve got you covered.’ We were up for this. Feed our souls Aurora. Feed our minds Aurora. Feed our stomach Aurora. It was around 8pm and we just made it as it closes at 9pm. We had the place to ourselves so had a choice of tables. The menu has many drink options from protein shakes to smoothies. I went for the banana, pecan, maple syrup and protein-powder shake. It was thick, creamy and nutty. My colleague had the blueberry, strawberry and banana smoothie which was a fruity concoction that freshened the palate before our food order. Speaking of food, as it was late, we went straight onto mains and went all out; two meat boards please – Chicken Board and Mixed Grill. In no time at all, the mains had arrived. Wow! The Mixed Grill was a massive, impressive, appealing board of food! It had everything. 4oz of our famous bistro steak, 4oz grilled chicken breast, lean pork sausage and BBQ pulled pork. Sweet potato fries, grilled beef tomato and mushrooms. It was truly amazing. There was no way I could’ve had a starter before this. It was taste bud satisfying beyond belief. The Chicken Board looked just as appetizing; still huge but with added colour. Oat-coated chicken goujons and salt and chilli chicken strips. All baked to perfection and served with sauteed peppers and onions, sweet potato fries, sweet chilli sauce and turmeric mayo. My colleague really enjoyed every element that was on the board. The turmeric mayo was a great accompaniment. We were stuffed and couldn’t have dared had anything else. The main thing is we still felt healthy. We were content.

There is no doubt in my mind Aurora Kitchen will continue to do extremely well. It is a trendy setting within a superb location that has everything you could possibly want if you’re trying to be healthy. The best part is they do it so well it feels your like cheating but you’re not. I will definitely return soon, to try breakfast next time. Very soon in fact, I’m going tomorrow.

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