Baltic Six

Six is a fine dining restaurant situated on the top floor of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. In August, they offered a special deal up until 7pm of three plates for only £20 which was a small, large and a dessert plate… It is safe to say, it was the restaurant bargain of the year. Here is why…

On a beautiful Wednesday early evening, with the sun clung on to lighting the Geordie shimmering blue sky, my colleague and I took the perfect opportunity of dining at Six. As the shiny lift took us up to the top for the restaurant, it was if we were in the Great Glass Elevator, taking off on a journey of pure imagination.

‘If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it…’

It couldn’t be summed up any more appropriately. On exiting the quick yet comfortable lift ride to the summit, you are greeted to a mesmerising, unparalleled view across the Quayside. Whilst our breaths were being taken away by the spectacle, Roy (the cheerful restaurant manager) was there to welcome us. Offering us a table by the edge of the crowded, classy room of customers enjoying life, we had made it.

Katie, our polite yet fascinating waitress on the night, handed us our menus. I was delighted to see that the menu was coeliac friendly and each dish clearly stated if it contained gluten. Brilliant. So to begin, Katie took our small plate orders of Chicken Liver Parfait, Pumpkalilli and Warm Brioche, and Thistleyhaugh Smoked Duck, Tenderstem, Truffle and Honey Yoghurt. Like exuberance on the plate, the fresh, smoky duck was divine. According to my colleague, the creamy, rich parfait complemented the bitter, curried and pickled cauliflower whilst the pepper set it all off. With the soft, warm brioche by its side, it was a very balanced dish. Not just that, but it had a picturesque elegance about it. So even the restaurant inside the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art was presenting art but in food form…

After a faultless first course, we were eager for the main event: Herb Fed Chicken Breast, Brown Bread Purée & Quince and my colleague opted for Roast North Sea Cod and Potted Shellfish Butter. The chicken dish was the standout plate of the day. When Six describe their main meals as a large plate, they mean it – it was huge! Almost filling the plate, the succulent, tender chicken breast was impeccable, particularly with the pesto drizzled topping – a fabulous main. The cod was also a winner. My colleague adored the shellfish sauce which accompanied the gleaming white, smooth cod – it added extra depth to the flavour and a hint of sweetness. Even though both dishes were large, they still looked the part.

As we had a breather and watched as the dark night sky began to set in, the subtle lit up décor enhanced the ambience furthermore. We couldn’t help but feel in awe of our surroundings.

For our grand finale, our desserts, I enjoyed the stunning trio of soft, moist chunks of Brownie topped with Salted Caramel Popcorn, set amongst a sprinkling of edible violet petals, a refreshing Cherry Sorbet and Chocolate Nut Brittle. My colleague’s Hazelnut Cake with Chocolate Nut Brittle and Macadamia Ice-cream was again beautifully presented and had all of the elements of a class dessert however she would’ve preferred the sponge to have included chunks of hazelnut inside and for it to have been a little moister.

All in all, Six was one of the finest dining experiences I could’ve ever wished for in our superb city. I’ve eaten in many local restaurants but very few can match the wow factor Six offers: the subtle guile of each plate, the charm and attentiveness from each member of staff and of course, the magnificent views. Courtesy, finesse and precision. I would like to reiterate that we went during an incredible August deal of three plates for £20 which was outstanding value too.

Leaving with an abundance of highlights and both our stomachs cheering with joy, I’d like to end by thanking Six for sharing their star quality with us.


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