Byron Hamburgers

Kicking off back in 2007, Byron Hamburgers had a mission… To serve simple, delicious hamburgers, made fresh from properly-sourced British beef and the best ingredients possible, paired with a cold craft beer or an extra-thick shake. This mission certainly appealed to me… As we walked in, Byron Hamburgers sets the stall out from the very first moment as you are greeted with smiling faces and taken to your table without hesitation. Sat by the window in a comfy both, with a view of Northumberland Street, there was plenty of space for us. For a late Thursday night, the restaurant was busy and according to the groups on the night, seemed more suited for groups although we couldn’t have been happier just the two of us. Danielle, our lovely, quirky and cheerful waitress for the night, took our drinks orders. From quite an extensive exclusive list, we decided on a Byron lager hailed from Camden and a Hawkes alcoholic ginger beer. Danielle also took our starter orders of Bourbon Wings and Halloumi fries. The excitement was intensifying. The Camden was a smooth peachy craft beer; my colleague thoroughly enjoyed it. The ginger beer, with hints of mandarin and kiwi, was fiery, fruity, and fresh. I’m a massive ginger beer fan and to get one that was alcoholic was a bonus as they’re hard to find. Our wait had come to an end, the wings were new to the menu and they need to stay there. Slight but full of a saucy sweetness. Great texture. The halloumi fries, also new to the menu, were crisped but soft and easy to get lost in. Both were thoroughly enjoyed. 

For our mains, we went all out and went for the new Bourbon King and a Smoky. What a hamburger the Bourbon King is. A Bulleit bourbon BBQ glazed beef patty, served medium rare (the pink radiance was screaming to be eaten), Monterey Jack, bacon fat onions, crispy onions, lettuce, mustard mayonnaise and a frickle on the side. Trying to get the whole thing in both hands was a struggle but you can’t eat it any other way! After my first bite, juices running down the bun, I was in burger heaven. Although there was plenty going on in one bun, everything just mixed together to create an alluring taste you can’t help but go back for. The Smoky; Mature Cheddar, bacon, crispy onions, shredded iceberg, pickles, smoked chilli BBQ sauce, was right on the money. My colleague said it thrust all of his senses into life and he couldn’t help but get messy with it. If you want a hamburger, like a ‘proper hamburger’, then Byron Hamburgers will certainly grab you by your taste buds and strike them hard. Both were a triumph. For dessert, I was feeling brave and decided to somehow make room for a Reese’s Freakshake; Extra-thick milkshake stacked with vanilla ice cream, brownie, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, topped with crushed honeycomb.

Wow. Let me repeat. Wow. It was enormous! A supreme tower of dessert decadence. Smooth Reese’s cupcakes, slices of one of finest brownies I’ve tasted, silky milkshake… It was one of those situations where you have to stop but you keep going back in for more… It just kept on giving. To be fair, I did finish it – I couldn’t move for three days after though. Byron Hamburgers is a wonderful establishment for quick food, quick food of the naughtiest yet finest of forms. It’s hard to disagree with Byron’s ideology on burgers. It works. I left full, fully satisfied. It was a fine evening.

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