Giraffe – Eldon Square

With a chain of restaurants around the UK, Giraffe opened up in Newcastle to coincide with the new Intu Eldon Square. Their story states… There’s a whole world of food out there just waiting to be explored. A world of spices and colours, sizzles and smells. Of secret recipes and even more secret ingredients, passed across tables in noisy restaurants and down through generations. Flavours we can’t even describe. In combinations you wouldn’t believe. Call me Christopher Columbus; take me on my voyage Giraffe… The restaurant was brilliant for groups as booths were the mainstay. The restaurant has an original feel and sets about portraying the cultures of the world as truly as possible. Thursday evening, sat in a booth, at the centre of the restaurant, we decided to try some of their exotic cocktails as it is two for one after 5pm. We went for the Mexican Sunset and a Pomegranate Bellini. The Mexican Sunset (Olmeca Tequila, Aperol, pineapple, lime, sweetened slightly with agave nectar, topped with soda and served long over ice) was amazing. It certainly got me Mexican waving. The Pomegranate Bellini was a fruity, sweet, refreshing flute of fizz.

Lauren, our waitress on the night, kindly asked what we would like to start. From a vast range, Giraffe has plenty to whet the appetite. So to begin, we went with Nachos Nirvana at £7.95 which came with black bean chilli, Monterey Jack, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and chipotle + Barbacoa pulled beef at an extra £2.00. Sticky cheese pulling from every nacho, covered in pulled beef and its sauce, and a choosing of guacamole or sour cream, they were brilliant. We couldn’t stop. The plate came full to the brim; it didn’t take long until it was left bare. For our mains, I decided to go Moroccan and chose the Lamb Tagine at £13.95 and my colleague opted for The Smoky Joe Burger at £11.95 as he loves a burger. The Moroccan Lamb Tagine came scattered with pistachios, almonds, pomegranate, along with couscous and toasted gluten free bread – there was the basic option of standard flatbread. It was fabulous. It gave me a new taste every mouthful as there were so many elements and possible combinations to the dish. The Smoky Joe looked appetising with a shiny bun top and everything tucked in place; it was the neatest burger we’d ever seen. A grilled 6oz beef patty with burger sauce, streaky bacon, smoked cheddar, mixed leaves and a tomato slice – my colleague thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though there are vast options available, he’d order the same again as he enjoyed it that much.

Although the portion sizes aren’t massive, they are still substantial and fulfilling. Therefore, there wasn’t any room for dessert unfortunately. Giraffe was a wonderful trip around the world for the night. I liked the food. I liked the vibe. I liked the customer service. I liked Giraffe.

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