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I like what’s happening in Morpeth. New restaurants and bars galore! Healthy Prep Kitchen, which opened on the 28th July, is all about health.

Looking and feeling good on the outside starts from the inside. This is where Healthy Prep Kitchen comes in. We are passionate about providing a service that does all the prepping for you so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy our wholesome menu!

Their vision states,

From our meat to our fruit and vegetables and even our coffee – We work alongside local suppliers to ensure our produce is the best quality. All of our meals are freshly prepared on a daily basis in our kitchen so you can rest assured you won’t find any processed chemicals or nasty hidden ingredients in our food.

The question was, could Health Prep Kitchen be the new place to be for health just in Morpeth or could they compete with Aurora Kitchen in Newcastle and Naked Deli in Heaton and Gosforth? I was about to find out…

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon and we were famished! When we got there, Imogen, the passionate owner who is local to the area, introduced herself confidently and asked us to take a seat. Although it is a petite setting and the kitchen is in full view to their customers, the lively atmosphere created adds to the occasion.

As we browsed through the menu, which is simple to follow and clearly highlights dishes suitable for allergens, it was a tough challenge deciding what to have. Breakfasts, wellness bowls, smoothie bowls, superfood smoothies and superfood lattes… The choice is excellent and as time goes by, Imogen will add to it further. After a bit of humming and hawing, we decided to sample each latte (£3 each) as they all sounded tremendous and we couldn’t decide, a chicken wellness bowl at £7.50 with two poached eggs (£1.50 extra) and my colleague went with smashed avocado on toasted sourdough at £5.50 with halloumi (£1.50 extra).

Before our food came, we were presented with a rainbow of lattes on our table to test first. Starting with the golden turmeric, I could already tell Healthy Kitchen was going places as it was homemade. Thick, potent and full of flavour, coconut milk is added to balance the pungency. Next up, was the hulk-green Matcha. Fine, green tea leaves of Tropeaka Matcha combined with oat milk and pure maple made it a strong, thoroughly satisfying latte. After that, we tried the beetroot latte. Homemade beetroot blend, oat milk and pure maple, it was in my eyes and taste, the pick of the four. However it wasn’t the most endearing. That accolade went to the Mermaid. No, we hadn’t gone crazy and started hallucinating on the beautiful coasts of Northumberland, but this was in fact a latte made up of Blue spirulina and butterfly pea powder blend with oat milk. As blue as the shimmering sky on a fine summer’s day, it certainly looked the part. It smacked my face and put a spring in my step! It was so different. I like different. Difference is what can separate you from the crowd and take you to stardom. Nowhere else that I’ve visited are using these ingredients. Healthy Prep Kitchen are doing it their way and implementing their own style…

I felt a rush coming on. However, it wasn’t because I had sampled so many lattes, well maybe that could’ve played a part, but it was because our food had arrived! The wellness bowl of Roasted pumpkin, spinach, quinoa, streamlined carrots, radish, cherry tomatoes and homemade green pesto style hummus was a huge, healthy plate full of colour; my eyes were mesmerised and my heart was beating with love. My colleague was equally pleased with her plate. Lovely ripe avocado, seasoned well with a hint of lemon, brown crunchy sourdough, sliced lemon (she would’ve preferred it if they were in wedges to squeeze over) and rose petals dried to add essence and decoration to the dish. Fabulous. To finish, we sampled one of Imogen’s clean cakes, the double layered brownie. It was as if we were cheating – healthy food wasn’t allowed to taste this amazing. We hadn’t planned to go on a six mile walk that afternoon but after our experience in Healthy Prep Kitchen, it had us glowing. That’s just what I expect Healthy Prep Kitchen to do – glow – they’ve got a glowing future ahead of them. If you’re ever in the heart of Morpeth, look out for ever-expanding shining light of Healthy Prep Kitchen, they’ll help you remember you are what you eat.

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