Holy Hobo

Formally known as Mr Lynch, Holy Hobo has just rebranded to provide chirpy comfort to the heart of Jesmond…

The Holy Hobo is a Mecca of Good Vibes, a place of worship when you want great food and a good pint, and a place where you can make yourself the most comfortable.

Their mission states,

When we say there’s truly nothing like Holy Hobo, we’re not just saying that to catch your eye, it’s said with gusto and bravado because we’re confident in the fact that Holy Hobo represents and provides that feel-good feeling that can only be compared to when you see your crush, the moment when you take off your shoes after a long day, or finally slip into those warm and soft PJ’s.

When I arrived at Holy Hobo that Saturday night, it didn’t take me long to agree. No, I didn’t go in my PJ’s. Nor did I take off my shoes. Yes okay one out three, I did see my crush, however the main phenomenon I took away with me was the cheerful ambience Holy Hobo flaunts. It’s a cool, vivacious setting. For example, as you walk in, you are met by a unicycle attached to the wall – ideal for a photo. Although the walls are made of brick, you barely notice as it has striking, attractive plants scattered about adding a rustic edge. It’s certainly a unique style that’s for sure.

Moving on swiftly, what about the food I hear you say?

According to Holy Hobo’s website,

Sourced locally where possible, our high-quality fresh ingredients shine through and showcase the beauty that is Holy Hobo’s food. Personified as the ‘100’ emoji, our food will take you on a journey that would blow even the most hard-boiled Hobo away and help you find a new belief.

It was time to make me believe Holy Hobo…

When we arrived, we couldn’t have asked for a more inviting welcome from Cara, our wonderful, polite waitress for the night. The place was full yet calm; Cara told us they hadn’t stopped all day – a great sign of things to come. As we were taken to our table, I was singing along to the song the DJ was playing in the background. Seated at a table by the window overlooking the street, guess how it felt? You got it. Comfortable. cosy.

Cara asked us what we would like to drink but it took us longer than usual as the drinks menu is so vast, particularly for cocktails. From beers from a tank, posh shandies, flower teas, infused cocktails, slush cocktails, candy cocktails, I could go on. If you get the chance, I recommend searching through their twenty-four page drinks menu on their website before visiting as it will save you time and give you an idea into what to order as there literally is so much to choose from. Eventually, we ordered a Rum Cooler at £6.25 – light and dark rums combined banana and blackberry liqueurs topped with pineapple, orange and grenadine all in a deep-purple-masked-designed glass and a Ginger 24 at £7.95 – almonds, grapefruit, orange, Chinese green tea zested up with additional grates of orange and grapefruit, a handful of raspberries and juniper berries and topped with Ginger Beer. Both cocktails looked the part and although they were very different, they were both awesome.

On with the food! From the fabulous menu, which was coded for Vegans, Veggies and Coeliacs, we started with some snacks and nibbles: Sweet and Sour Crispy Kale at £2.50, Maple Glazed Lincolnshire Chipolatas and Chip Shop Curry Sauce at £3.95, and Chilli Salt and Pepper Squid with Garlic Aioli at £4.95. The chipolatas were amazing and combined impressively with the thick curry sauce. The kale could’ve been a little thicker in texture but it still had a strong crisp to it. The squid was slightly sweet and salty and had a real kick too. A pleasant start.

On to the mains! Now we’re talking. The mains concise of burgers, salads, grilled cheese sourdoughs or Holy Hobo’s signature kebabs which is what we went for. Served with a naan style bread, make your own kebab by choosing a filling, a salad and two sauces. For my filling, I chose the Tandoori Marinated Rotiserrie Chicken with Superfood Salad, Peanut and Beetroot Hummus and Garlic and Ghost Pepper Sauce at £9.95. All gluten free! Even the bread! My colleague decided to go with the Moroccan 12hour Slow Cooked Lamb with Posh Salad, Lime and Coriander Sauce and African Coconut Piri Piri Sauce at £11.95. When the enormous plates arrived they were like flying saucers coming to take over our world and didn’t they just! Absorbed in what lay before my eyes, I couldn’t wait to tuck straight in. Spiced marinated chicken fell off each of the two skewers. The gluten free naan style bread was divine and the best I’ve ever had of its kind (if you’re coeliac, you must try these out). The superfood salad of cauliflower couscous, pomegranate, cucumber, fresh avocado, goji berries and spring onions, along with both my hummus and sauce made this everything I could have ever wanted in a kebab. My colleague enjoyed her kebab just as much as I but she proudly suggested that she chose best. I disagreed, I enjoyed mine more. That’s the great thing about our mains. I decided on my kebab style, it was down to me. As Backstreet Boys sang it all those years ago, I want it that way… That little bit of ownership is what I enjoy about a menu. The mains went down a treat!

Unfortunately, there was no room for dessert. Instead, we were ready to dance as the DJ set was in full motion to take us into the early hours…

To conclude, Holy Hobo is a cool, chilled bar and restaurant that has an extensive menu of amazing drinks whilst serving up excellent food catered to your needs. Something I must add is it has great offers on for students too. We absolutely loved our night; we left with huge smiles on our faces. Well done Holy Hobo, another great addition to Jesmond – 100 percent!

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