Jam Jar

Situated in the hustle and bustle of Osborne Road, Jesmond, Jam Jar is a chic, quirky location that offers cool cocktails and classic comfort food. It is a setting made for any night of the week. On the night, we were sat by the fireplace that was central to the restaurant. It has many quirky extras that give it its unique endeavour to stand out from the crowd. My two favourites were the old rotary telephone on the wall and the Newcastle Breweries Blue Star resting on the fireplace. It wasn’t the only Newcastle star in the vicinity at the time though as Nick the Greek (Nikos Dabizas, former Newcastle United star) was dining in front of us. Before ordering, I was pondering if it was good enough for him, surely it would be good enough for me? It was time to find it. Andrew, our first waiter, took our drinks orders. Feeling frisky, we decided to go for mojitos and get the party started… Where is the rum? They were brought to the table within no time at all in trendy jars (hence the name) and they were quality; a perfect, mint refreshment. To start, Jam Jar has great options but with one real standout… Fresh Mussels cooked in white wine, cream and garlic. It was the first time in forever I’d ordered them too so it was a no brainer. My choice was further enhanced when the bowl arrived on a wooden slab with the finest bread as an accompaniment. The mussels looked extremely appealing and they smelt divine; I couldn’t wait to tuck in! Creamy and succulent, they were a great taste of the sea. So good, I’d come back for them on their own next time! In fact, Jam Jar has offers on throughout the week and every Monday night it is Large Mussels and Fries for £10. My colleague decided on the Southern Fried Chicken with Harissa Dip. A superb taste of tender chicken. One thing’s for certain they kept him quiet, which is near on impossible at the best of times, so they were definitely enjoyable.

Impressed. Charlie, the manager, took our main orders next. Although Jam Jar does ribs and wings and classics such as steak or beer battered fish and triple cooked chips, they are most recognised for their burgers. They do many and always include a Burger of the Month. Without hesitation, I decided on the Cow vs Pig which is a triple stacked bun, 7 oz chuck steak patty with BBQ pulled pork, apple sauce with Swiss cheese. My colleague went for the signature Jam Burger which is a 7oz steak patty, crispy bacon, Red Leicester and tomato jam. All burgers are served with fries and slaw. When Charlie brought us the huge burgerlicious plates my eyes nearly dropped out of their sockets. My initial thought was call for an SOS, save me, wow. I nearly died and went to burger heaven. Muckle. Go hard or go home as they say. It was easily the biggest burger I’ve ever had and that includes burgers in the States. But what about the taste? In a triple, toasted bun, the bulging out steak was cooked just right, pink in the middle and packed full of grab you by the taste buds oomph! Then there’s the pulled pork that just melted in my mouth and along with the sweet apple sauce, revolutionised my senses into a new experience my palate hasn’t had before, in abundance! Yum! The first bite is worth the trip alone. Somehow I did finish it. Although my colleague struggled to keep hold of his burger, again it was enormous, he told me it was fabulous, particularly the crispy bacon which added further depth and crunch. He gave it his best shot but couldn’t manage it all. Two courses were as far as we were going that night; it was all we could hack. It was a splendid evening. I loved both courses and we will certainly be back. If you’ve never been, check it out. Yeah it’s situated in a student’s paradise but it is worth it… I’ll never forget the first sight of those burgers. You will have some of the best comfort food in the region and you never know, you might meet someone famous too.

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