Located on High Bridge Street, in the heart of Newcastle, is Kaltur of Kaltur Food. Petit, chilled and classy, Kaltur has the credentials of a brilliant Spanish restaurant. Would our experience have us flamenco dancing the night away or would it be gracias for now and adios forever… It was a Thursday night, rain had us soaked – typical of Newcastle however one thing that isn’t was Kaltur. The place is different to everything else close by. The cluster of it all had me taken aback at first but they’ve done a cracking job fitting around thirty to forty seats inside. The design was a joy to step into. The ambient lighting and melodic music in the background were welcoming, as was José, our host for the night. Sat side by corner (it is certainly compact) with views from the window, we were handed our menus. One thing for sure is Kaltur do wine by the plenty. It was a tricky choice. We went with the Wine of the Day, a red wine, Vinatigo, Spanish of course. Mellow and velvety; it caught our attention from the first sip. We were pleased with our decision.

At first hand observing the menu, we were a tad unknown as to where to begin. Kaltur has a small food (the tapas) section and main course. We finally decided what to have and began with Courgette Nut Salad and Lentil Soup. The courgette starter was a lovely, subtle plate of food. Finely sliced courgette, oozing with a dark, nutty and rich glaze, it definitely whet my appetite. However, although the initial allure was enticing, the tastes let it down. Although the sauce was extremely good, it did lack something. The lentil soup was a massive winner. Great texture and taste, it was everything you’d expect lentil soup to bring to the table. My colleague was impressed. The only one qualm was with the three baguette roll slices. Even though they were gigantic, they were tougher than he would’ve wanted, once they were soaked up in the soup, it wasn’t a problem. For our mains, we ordered from the Menu of the Day. Pork, Rice and Asparagus for my colleague and Duck, Sweet Potato, Roast Potato, Blueberry Sauce with Garnish for me. Even though the waiters are constantly in the hustle and bustle of it all throughout, José, was alert and kept us right all night. As we waited, several potential customers did ask for tables but they had no chance. If you want to go to Kaltur, book! It will always be full. When our mains came, I smiled. I was happy. Food was coming! The duck was cooked to perfection. Medium rare, just how I’d asked. Although I couldn’t get my head around two styles of potato on the same plate to begin with, once I’d finished, it was a case of why has this spud combination only entered my life now. With the duck and the sweetness of the berry sauce, it was a refined plate of food that was first class. The pork was decent although parts lacked seasoning. My colleague was pleased but wasn’t wowed. For dessert, we went for the Almond Cake and Ice-cream, and Chocolate Cake, Blueberry Sauce and Ice-Cream. The almond cake was cute sat alongside the ice-cream. I enjoyed it. My colleague enjoyed his chocolate cake too. But our taste buds were left wanting more. There is no doubt about it; Kaltur is a refreshing and pleasing addition to the restaurant scene in Newcastle. Modern, cosy (maybe too cosy for some), elegantly presented food, great atmosphere, excellent customer service. We had a special Spanish experience that just lacked that wow factor in terms of taste with some of the dishes. We certainly will be back but more so for a relaxing drink and a few nibbles.

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