Liberty Brown

Liberty Brown. Oh the memories. I remember the last time I reviewed the Sunderland restaurant around this time last year like it was yesterday. As I’d been enlightened on their latest significant restructure and the introduction of a new menu, a return was long overdue.

According their website,

Here at Liberty Brown we present you with the finest selection of top quality meats, cooked to perfection by our skilled team and ready to melt in your mouth!

We take great pride in working with local farmers and all of our steaks & burgers come from grass fed, Northumbrian beef cattle.

From burgers, ribeyes, sirloins and fillets to mixed grills, pork ribs, steak & lobster combos and even 30oz tomahawks we have everything the meat lover could want and more!

Was it to be a change for the better? It was time to find out…

The restaurant area is upstairs to the modern setting. As you walk in you understand from the off that Liberty Brown means business. A selection of varied sized tables and booths, candid lighting, outdoor space and even humorous figurines await you; it was a cool, creative mixture. Even though it was probably for eight customers, we were handed a booth which we were pleased with and our menus were already on hand for us at our table. In terms of drinks options, Liberty Brown is still one of the best around, the Apartment Group certainly know how to make a cocktail. After patiently scouring through the menu, I decided on a Beefeater 24 (£8.25) as I’ve joined the gin bandwagon and my colleague opted for a Strawberry Blonde Mojito (£6.95). The Beefeater gin fused with fiery ginger beer and the fruity combination of orange slices and blueberries was a huge triumph. The Strawberry Blonde Mojito was also a winner, which again included ginger beer and sweet strawberries as a change up to the iconic classic.

Again, the food menu is still cracking at Liberty Brown; you’ll be spoilt for choice. The starter that did catch my eye though was the Garden Plant Pot at £6.95: carrot fries, goji berries, mixed nuts, vegan mayo and garden herbs. Unique and extraordinary, I didn’t expect to feel like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men on my second outing. I mean, have you eaten from a plant pot? The carrots were glazed perfectly and who’d have thought they’d go so well with mixed nuts whilst the gojis added a sweet squish. It was the most insane starter of the year for its sheer audacity but wow did it work.

My colleague went for the Crispy Skins assembled with melted soft stringy cheese and salty bacon strips at £5.75 (both starters were gluten free). We were enjoying our second visit as it still was providing firsts.

With so much choice in terms of mains, Alisha – who was our keen host – recommended the steaks which I have to say did sound ultra-appetising. I decided on the lean fillet steak medium rare at £25.50 and my colleague ordered the Pichana Rump Cap medium well at £17.95. Both steaks came with house butter, homemade chips, cherry vine tomatoes, mushrooms and my colleague also had the salt and pepper onion strings which weren’t suitable for me. Cooked to perfection, the fillet was incredibly tender and appeared as though it was the don of all steak dishes; a plethora of steak aura. The huge Pichana Rump Cap was equally impressive. The creaminess of the butter, albeit a simple addition, made the steaks stunning. The chips well, I just couldn’t stop going back in for more. Depth was added to the plate from the bright red, pretty but firm tomatoes and the smooth, chopped mushrooms. It was simple, Liberty Brown offer spectacular steak dishes.

Overall, Liberty Brown dazzled beyond my expectations second time round. They say never go back but in Liberty Brown’s case, it’s more of a case of why bother leaving?