Olives at the Station

All aboard! Next stop Whitley Bay. Flashbacks of family days-out building sand castles and demolishing cakes in cafes came flooding back to me. Speaking of cafes, at the station there is bar and restaurant tucked away aptly named Olives at the Station. Without further ado, in I went. On their website they state,

Situated in the original waiting rooms of the Station, with even the original toilet floors, the building has charm and character aplenty with traditional fireplaces, original windows and fantastic high ceilings. Although on a platform minutes from the town centre the view out of the window is serene and calm overlooking Victorian houses on a pedestrianised street. The street is lined with trees and blossom trees so you can feel truly relaxed on our big comfy benches.

The surroundings felt cosy. In fact, it felt like family. Subtly designed, every which way I turned something would catch my eye so I sat there marvelling at its class.

But what about the service? What about the food?

Again, according to Olives at the Station’s website,

We pride ourselves on great friendly service at our Whitley Bay Venue. We serve beautiful homemade food in gorgeous surroundings.

Our waitress, who I have to say, was the politest I’ve came across in a good while, took our drinks orders of a green tea and a hot chocolate with whipped cream. My colleague was content with her hot chocolate, so much so, I had to tell her to slow down and keep some to have during her food.


With many options available for food throughout the day, I went for the Chicken, Bacon, Barbecue Sauce and Cheddar Toastie (gluten free bread) and my colleague opted for the Ham and Cheese Toasted Panini. After around 10 minutes, our slabs of nourishment had arrived. Resting alongside each other, the gluten free bread was bulging with huge chunks of chicken, crispy bacon and mild cheddar as barbecue sauce oozed from the edges. On the right corner was a bowl of creamy coleslaw and to the left a bucket of chunky chips. Toasted perfectly, the toastie was everything I hoped it to be and more. The barbecue complemented the meat and cheese combination dreamily. The chips were salty but not overly and the creamy coleslaw completed the enhancement. Unfortunately, I had a taste of my own medicine as it was my turn to be told to slow down this time – I couldn’t stop! My colleague was equally impressed with her panini. In her words, ‘Two weeks ago I went to a restaurant on the seafront and the panini was nowhere near as good as this.’ As her portion was substantial, she struggled to finish; it was a fulfilling lunch.


At the end of our meal, manager Martin greeted us enthusiastically and gave his time to tell us all about Olives past, present and exciting future – it was an enjoyable conversation.

From now on, I won’t be able to think of Whitley Bay Station without thinking of Olives. That’s right, Olives at the Station. Thank you for a pleasant experience and adding to the memories. I wish you all the best.

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