Red’s True Barbecue

Renowned for their meat, once you visit this barbecue marvel, you will want to return again and again. Inside Intu Eldon Square, Red’s have created a modern, casual restaurant that is ideal for a bite to eat. You can either sit in the tranquil internal area or in the open area linked to Eldon Square. We sat where it was more eventful outside although in saying that they did have a booking in of 40 sat inside and maybe it was less eventful where we were sitting that night. First, to drink, we decided on two cocktails from quite an extensive list. We could’ve chosen one of the many lagers on offer or even went for a growler; yes you heard that right, a growler which is 3 pints served in a unique growler. However, I went for the Apple and Ginger Mojito and my colleague went for a Pina Colada – he obviously got caught in the rain that night. The mojito was brilliant. Havana 3, pressed apple juice, ginger beer, crème de Mure and mint. Ginger seems to be popular in cocktails currently and I couldn’t argue with it in this mojito; it was great and certainly helped quench the palate before our feast. The Pina Colada was splendid too and was just what my colleague needed.

As Rebekkah, our waitress for the night (who I have to say was fun, cheerful and looked very happy to be working at Red’s and I couldn’t blame her as she was working in a place full of character and meat) went through the plentiful menu options on offer, we couldn’t help but get a little excited. We went straight for it and began with mains as they seemed like they could possibly defeat us that night. Going for the Pitmaster Tray of St Louis ribs, Angus brisket, Red’s pulled pork and smoked cheese and jalapeno sausage with sides of sweet potato fries and meaty pit beans at £18.95, I think you’d agree it was going to be an effort to get through. My colleague took a while to order but then decided to go for Beef Long Rib and Sticky Chicken with sides of BBQ corn and sweet potato fries. As the restaurant was very busy, Rebekkah brought us a couple of morsels of house made beef jerky and cracklings to keep us going until our mains came. She couldn’t have done anymore for us. The beef jerky was just how you want it to be, tough and chewy with a sweetened finish. The pork crackling was the best I’ve ever had although I must admit it was the first time I’ve had it from a restaurant.

Our wait had come to an end, two mammoth trays of food were placed on our table and we were both speechless but our thoughts were portrayed through our lit up eyes and our beaming smiles. Without any hesitation, we tucked in. The pulled pork, usually my pick of BBQ meats, was still soft, melt in your mouth tasty. Yet, the brisket was without doubt the winner on the tray. Wow, it was the best brisket I’ve ever had and that includes brisket I’ve tasted in the states. Quality with a capital Q. The ribs were enjoyable too but weren’t as tender as I’d like. The tray kept on giving as the beans also contained brisket, which any other time before that Friday night I would’ve said shouldn’t be allowed but in fact, they didn’t just work, they rocked! Total triumph! The sweet potato fires were crispy and added to the dish (not that it needed it) as it was a break from the layers of meat. My colleague told me his ribs were amazingly tender and the chicken was delicious. Red was beginning to be both our favourite colours.

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