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Well I never. A new experience was on the horizon as I was about to venture in the land of the Parmos. Yes, you heard me correct. I was off to sample a Parmo at one of the largest selection of Parmos in the country in The Ship Redmarshall at Stockton. According to the website, they state

Our team believe in, where possible, making dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They pride themselves on delivering beautiful dishes that taste and look stunning. The team is growing all the time! Each member complements each other’s skills to deliver a positive experience where they hope all customers will want to come back for more.

Was I going to enjoy the Parmo and return for more? I was about to find out…

It was Friday night on a wintry December evening. I was struggling to get into the Christmas spirit until I arrived at The Ship that was; it wasn’t particularly filled with decorations but it just had that aura, the one I always associate with Christmas, which is subtle lighting, a comforting atmosphere and smiling faces at every turn.

But what about the service? What about the food and drink?

With plenty of drinks to choose from, I ordered a gin and lemon tonic (why not? I was beginning to get in the Christmas swing) and my friend went for rosé wine. The nighty had begun!

The Ship has an excellent food menu, there’s so much choice! I can guarantee your favourite dish wish will be on there from curries to burgers and steaks. However it’s a dish I hadn’t tried before that I was intrigued about…

First though, we ordered nachos to kick off the night. Loaded Cheese and Chorizo Nachos served with salsa and guacamole. Sticky, stringy cheese holding the salty chorizo and crunchy nachos together, they went down a treat especially with the rich, creamy guacamole which was the pick of the accompaniments. A good start.

Now for the pièce de résistance, the Parmo! Available in small, medium and large, the Parmo is a breaded meat dish originating in Middlesbrough. The Ship has gone one step further and created varieties of Parmo linked to culinary cultures around the world (there were 28 on the menu). Examples include: Thai Spice Parmo, Kiev Parmo, Spanish Armada and The Katsu Parmo. I’m not going to lie, it took us ages to decide but when we did I went for The Polite Parmo hailed from Canada and my friend went stateside for PB and J, both medium. Each Parmo is served with chips, salad and a choice of slaws – I went with BBQ and my fiend chose garlic and herb. When the waiter brought our gigantic plates over, I couldn’t help but think ‘How am I going to eat all of this?’ This was only a medium too! Parmostruck! Flattened, crispy, tender chicken the size of the plate, topped with salty, streaky bacon resting below a layer of cheese and maple syrup on top, alongside a tub of homemade chunky chips, BBQ slaw and salad – it looked naughty but I was in a naughty mood. It was marvellously naughty. The cheese, the chicken, the bacon, the maple syrup all complemented each other and the chips were amazing. I didn’t manage it all (I challenge anyone to do so) but I gave it my best shot. My friend enjoyed her Parmo just as much. Peanut satay sauce with ginger and chilli jam, it was unique tastes from around the world brought to enhance one of their own. A very clever idea and I can safely say an idea that works tremendously. The Parmo was definitely a yes from us!

Christmas was coming and I was beginning to get a tummy like Santa by the second. Ho Ho Ho lets order a dessert though… Somehow I manage desserts after devouring so much. Tonight was one of those nights where I had to give it a go. So for the grand finale, from a selection of seven desserts, I went with Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream (unfortunately they were out of White Chocolate Chip Brownie). Again, The Ship provided another massive portion, if you like them big, go to The Ship is all I’m saying… Curved like a heart, two huge chunks of gooey chocolate brownie rested on the centre of the plate, topped with ice cream and lashings of caramel and chocolate sauce. It was decadence of thei highest degree but I like my sweets sweet and it was worth every calorie and the loosening of the belt.

The Ship Redmarshall says they have something for everyone and I couldn’t agree more; there is a wonderful selection of dishes available particularly local cuisine with a cultured twist.

I must congratulate The Ship on being a great, family setting that provided me with a new experience I will always remember; I left smiling from ear to ear. I am already looking forward to my return for my next Parmo.

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