At number 44 Dean Street, you’ll find a new Italian restaurant in Topolino. Adoring everything Italian, I had to check it out. Was it to be an enthralling Italian night of amore or was it to be a ‘Mickey Mouse’ charade? I was about to find out…

According to their website, Topolino states

Topolino Restaurant is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. With an amazing atmosphere in our premises we aim to serve flavoursome dishes creating the most enjoyable experience. We have a fantastic variety of dishes available, cooked to the highest of standards with only using quality ingredients. We also have some great offers such as our Sunday Menu, Kids Menu & Happy Hour!

Inside the newly refurbished cute setting, Topolino has implemented a relaxed style of Italian culture using a wonderful array of past artistry and a stunning stacked book shelf in the left corner. As soon as you enter the building, you sense the great feel-good factor from their passionate staff who are at your mercy. With chilled Italian music playing in the background, I kind of knew then it was a night where serenading shenanigans would prevail. 

With a simple but effective drinks menu, we ordered two large glasses of house red wine at £5.50 each. Maybe it was because I was in a romantic mood, but the wine was an embracive winter-warmer and magnificent for the price. 

For our antipasti, our waiter (who I must say was full of charming panache) offered excellent advice on the menu and he was surprised I could converse with him in Italian albeit with my Geordie twang. So to start, from a list of nineteen breads and hot or cold dishes, we chose Bucce di Patate; Crispy skins served with garlic mayonnaise dip at £5.95 and Zuppetta di Cozze; Fresh mussels in a white wine garlic and parsley sauce at £8.50. The mussel dish was spectacular – fresh from the clear waters of the sea, draped in a compelling creamy sauce – it looked as good as it tasted. My colleague was equally impressed with the potato skins. I just don’t know how he ate them all but he did. It was safe to say Topolino do not hold back on portion sizes too – both starters were mammoth.


From a choice of risotto, pizzas, pasta, fish and meat for our mains (again our waiter was with us all the way in advice of what to choose) we chose Lasagna Al Forno; Traditional pork and beef mince lasagne at £9.95 and Beef Stroganoff Strips of fillet steak cooked in a creamy sauce with onions, mushrooms and paprika, served with rice at £14.95. I cannot speak highly enough of our main courses. Thick, dark, alluring, mouth wateringly good stroganoff with the chunkiest strips of tender steak aside to a sphere of sticky white rice; it was mesmerizingly impeccable. My colleague’s huge slab of lasagna was presented perfectly compact and was one the best he’d ever tasted. Brilliant. Molto bene!  

With the night in full swing, our waiter providing us with all of the entertainment and of course such high quality Italian food, I was beginning to cave at the fact that love was in the air… My love for Topolino.

So to end, from a list of seven desserts, we ordered Lemon Sorbet at £5.50 and Caramel Cheesecake at £5.50. Creatively presented in a lemon in a glass, my lemon sorbet was just what the food doctor ordered as it was refreshingly subtle on the soul after such a substantial amount of starter and main foodage.  My colleague specifically asked for the slightest slice of cheesecake and thankfully it was. Delicately placed on the plate alongside vanilla ice cream, he enjoyed every spoonful. He was in his element as his choices on the night were all his guilty pleasures. Both desserts went down a ‘treat’.

In fact, Topolino pulled off all three courses – I certainly had amore in my eyes, mind and soul but most of all in my stomach as it was applauding inside. Not only that but with good prices and good vibes, hand on heart Topolino is one of the most fun times I have had on a review thanks to their charismatic staff – big love for an amazing night. Grazie Mille! Topolino deserves to be at the ‘top’ of your places to eat at next… 

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